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Early-career event

EU-SPRI Early-career researcher event on ‘Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation: State of the art and future directions’ in Utrecht, 1-2 June 2020

Eu-SPRI offers a course for early-career researchers working on science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. During the course we will explore the future of this scientific field and there is ample room to discuss your own work. Moreover, the course provides an excellent opportunity to meet fellow early-career researchers from across Europe. The course covers two days and takes place just before the yearly conference Eu-SPRI Conference 2020.

The first day (1 June 2020) is dedicated to paper development. All participants are required to hand in a paper and to provide feedback on three other papers. This is a great chance to receive in-depth feedback on your own work by both fellow early-career researchers and leading experts in the field. In addition there will be plenary sessions by Professor Sally Wyatt (Maastricht University) on digital methods and by Professor Magnus Gulbrandsen (University of Oslo) on academic publishing. We conclude the day with a lovely dinner in the city of Utrecht.

On the second day (2 June 2020) you will join in a foresight activity about the future of STI policy research. Based on a structured approach developed by Fraunhofer ISI the participants discover, discuss, conceptualize and reflect on how socio-technical trends and endogenous dynamics lead to different future scenarios. Participants get the opportunity to interact with each other and with experts, which might help them with thinking about their own research as well as their own role in broader societal and policy debates. The results will be presented in a plenary session – on the past, present, future of STI policy research – during the main Eu-SPRI conference during which early-career researchers take centre stage.

Some practicalities:

– By early-career researchers we mean researchers working at universities or other knowledge organizations (in the broadest sense) who are doing their PhD or have obtained their PhD max. 3 years ago.

– The manuscript for the writing workshop should not already be published. The text certainly does not need to be perfect yet, but it should be developed well enough so readers can understand the argument. The texts should be 6,000-10,000 words.

– You can participate in a public event on Tuesday night for free about the future of digitization with contributions from amongst others Evgeny Morozov.

– Costs for hotels (three nights: 31 May to 3 June) and food are covered by Eu-SPRI.

– The deadline for registration is 15 February 2020. Please submit short biography (max. 300 words) and motivation letter (max. one page) to k.beumer@uu.nl.

– The event can accommodate 25 participants. These will be selected by the organizing committee on the basis of the biography and motivation letter.